Facility Maintenance

You can add Facility-QR on equipment that requires periodic maintenance.

Workers can scan the QR code to access information specific to the equipment (S/N, diagram, user guide)

Plus, they can submit a maintenance report through this Facility-QR.

Smart Bus

This QR code is designed for smart
transportation as a simpler and more
efficient way to access smart city

Maps, places of interest, bus routes
and others will be made more
passenger-centric and easy to

Business People

Our vCard-QR is designed for all people in business: property consultants, insurance agents, managers, and other professionals.

Your vCard-QR is distinctive, attractive, and would make adding and sharing your contact easy.

Reach out to your networks efficiently today.

Find your way back

Our Find-QR will help your loved ones find their way back home.

Simply stick the Find-QR on your loved ones’ personal belongings.

If they are lost, the public can assist them by scanning the QR code. You can also include an emergency message in their Find-QR.

We Design
QR Codes

Making Communication Simple and Efficient

We strive to find solutions that better connect you with others, be it your customers, colleagues, or the general public. 

QR codes have been identified by us as an immensely useful tool for improving the efficiency of our communication. 


We sell innovative QR code solutions: different QR codes that meet the needs of different people.

vCard-QR (Personal)

Perfect for business people: designed to expand your network effectively.


Designed for event organisers: makes marketing your event easier.


Designed for facility management and maintenance.

We convert your idea
Into a reality.

We are constantly searching for more QR code solutions to benefit everyone.

If you have any suggestions as to how our QR code can be designed, we would love to hear from you. Contact us and we can create a custom-made QR code for you.


QR Codes Generated


Scans/Clicks Achieved


Customers Worldwide

Make Sure you're protected
against rogue QR codes

We recommend Kaspersky QR Scanner.