How to make a QR code?

1. Identify purpose of QR code

First and foremost would be to determine your desired outcome of using a QR code. This would give you a sense of direction and identify what kind of content you would like to input into your QR code website.

Crescendo offers different types of QR codes for different purposes. Here are some examples of our QR code solutions:

vCard-QR (Personal)

Helps business people save your contact details


Assists with facility maintenance


Facilitates advertising efforts for your event

Pick the QR code that is most suited for your needs. If what you are looking for is not offered in our products, please contact us for a Custom QR code making service.

2. Prepare your content

Based on the type of QR code you have bought, prepare the content that is required for it. This can include your image, description, weblink, etc.

These content materials should be shared with us in the form we emailed you after your purchase.

3. Pick QR code design

Crescendo lets you customise your own QR code designs. Choose from a variety of dot and eye patterns, as well as dot and eye colours.

Types of Eye Pattern:

Types of Dot Pattern:

Customised QR codes are 80% more likely to be scanned compared to typical black-and-white QR codes. Thus, the customisation feature is invaluable for improving branding awareness and advertising efficiency.

Dark colour choices are recommended as your QR code may not be scannable if its colours are too light.

Preferably, your QR code should contain colours used in your company logo (if you have one). Otherwise, you may visit this website for colour suggestions.

4. Await for your unique QR code

Crescendo will create your desired QR code based on your form answers. Within a few days, your QR code will be emailed to you. All that is left to do is to check that your QR code is scannable, and its content and design are what you desire.

If not, a revision of your design and content respectively are complimentary during the first 14 days after your QR code purchase. For subsequent changes in content, please purchase the Change QR Content service. For subsequent changes in design, please purchase the Change QR Design service.

If you wish to add content features to your QR code website, you may do so with our Add QR Content service.

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